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Retirement Plans / Fiduciary

Our 401(k) Coaching Program for trustees and plan sponsors will show you how to use Nobel Prize winning economic theory to help safeguard your employees’ retirement. You will also learn to insulate yourself from personal liability for imprudent plan investments!

We will show you how you can help protect yourself from devastating (dare I say, “Enron-esque”) scandal and liability … DO NOT wait until your retirement plan is in crisis to take action!

In light of recent scandals, lawsuits, and crackdowns (by the government) on company sponsored retirement plans, we have become concerned for our clients and friends who are plan sponsors (legal fiduciaries) for not only their personal investments, but for their employees’ retirement plans as well. We are anxious to help business owners find a way to provide these benefits and protect themselves at the same time.

Through our proprietary 401(k)/Fiduciary Coaching Program we help you identify where the strengths and weaknesses (think personal liability) lie in your corporate retirement plan. We have learned of economic research that could be the solution to your fiduciary dilemmas.

In order to share this important information with you, I invite you to listen to the podcasts below about the nature and responsibility of sponsoring a retirement plan.

In this audio program you will:

  • Discover an investment strategy that may help you protect your 401(k) from devastating loss in the next bear market (unlike the many that lost $7.3 trillion in the early 2000’s).
  • Find one simple investment strategy that may cut your total investment costs by 1/3! (And, you won’t get bagged with hidden fees either!)
  • Be able to put retirement planning education for your employees on auto-pilot (and fulfill your fiduciary responsibility without blinking).
  • Provide your employees with prudent investment options that will allow them a healthy retirement…great for company morale and loyalty!

Prudent investing isn’t just a catch phrase – Find out what it is and how to build it into your plan now! This is the first step of the coaching process. If, after listening to the material, you would like to learn more about how to apply this information to your plan, then we will set up a 45 minute consultation to determine the best course for you and your company’s retirement plan.

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