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Investor Coaching

Investor Coaching is the most important starting point. With so many conflicts of interest in the financial industry, it is critically important to make sure investors are on a course worth staying.

We will take you through a simple four step process to help you identify the biggest threats in your current investment strategy and holdings, in order to identify your biggest opportunities for growth. After engaging in our simple process you will learn:

  1. How much risk you’re taking. Can you mathematically measure the amount of risk in your portfolio? Some investors are taking too little risk in their portfolio while others have more risk in the portfolio than they realize. Wouldn’t you like to know?
  2. How truly diversified you REALLY are. If you think diversification is important, don’t you think you should be able to measure it?
  3. The amount of fees you are paying in your current portfolio, including the hidden fees you probably don’t even know exist. Fees are one area of investing you can control; don’t you think you should know exactly what is going on in your portfolio? Most people are too polite to ask. We’ll find out for you.
  4. The historic best and worst case scenarios for your current portfolio. Do you know how much it could drop in any one or five year period? Wouldn’t you like to know the historical best case and worst case scenario for your mix of assets?
  5. How efficient your portfolio is in terms of the amount of return you can expect for your given level of risk. Do you know where you fall on Markowitz’s Efficient Frontier?
  6. The amount of overlap you have in your portfolio. Are your mutual funds buying and selling the same stocks? If so, you may not have the level of diversification you think you do. Why would you pay a bunch of mangers to buy and sell the same stocks?
  7. The Twenty Must Answer Questions for lasting peace of mind. You will learn and understand these questions and find answers to at least 5 of them in just the first two meetings.

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