Navigating the Fog VideoIndependent Movie Reveals How You Can Invest Without Stress or Guesswork.

-By Alexander Riley

Navigating the Fog of Investing is a movie in limited private release that will show you exactly how to avoid the devious and dangerous aspects of investing. Aimed at exposing the deceptive nature of the investment media and gurus, this movie gives investors specific guidelines and rules for investing successfully without the guesswork or uncertainty typically accepted as part of the process.

The producers of Fog have captured rare interviews with nearly a dozen industry experts who have weighed in to share their opinion about how the investment industry really works. Included in this impressive collection of interviews are Nobel Prize Winner Harry Markowitz, author Burton Malkiel, author and securities fraud attorney Dan Solin, and investment guru John Bogel.

According to these experts, the investment industry is big business… from the media (newspapers, magazines, TV shows, and commercials) to the brokerage houses that make money from every single trade that is placed.

One industry veteran featured in the movie, author Mark Matson, asserts that even the financial professionals who give advice for large brokerage houses don’t know that their efforts to pick the right stocks or time the market are futile – statistically and historically inconsistent. Matson equates the efforts to invest using these methods to gambling with your money.

The Fog movie asserts that the media treats investment news as a form of entertainment. Several featured experts give their perspective on how the media spins investing news to exploit unknowing investors and leads them to make rash decisions based on short-term investment news.

This movie systematically debunks the notion of being able to jump in and out of markets in order to win big. Featured scholars resoundingly emphasize focus on a long-term investment strategy that completely ignores the investment media and short- term market shifts. They encourage a buy and hold strategy of a well-designed and diversified portfolio.

The Fog prescription for the ailing investor is to hire not a financial planner or advisor, but an investor coach who will develop a lifelong strategy for your wealth accumulation.

One of the most fascinating segments of Fog reveals hidden camera interviews with retail brokers to find out what they really say to average consumers. Interestingly, most of these brokers push a similar list of investment products to the prospective client, with promises of the best managers, highest returns, and “good conduct.”

Interviews with industry authorities are followed by a very personal interview with a blue collar worker who had saved and invested diligently over his working life only to lose over two million dollars based on the advice of his broker (his portfolio was invested 99% in one technology stock). It’s a sad story that seems far too common, but worth watching because it could save you from making similar mistakes.

The Fog movie offers strategies and hope for average investors to be successful and avoid the pitfalls and traps that are so easy to fall into. Matson gives investors positive motivation to become a stock market investor stating that it is the most efficient system for creating wealth available to man… if the investor has the knowledge and discipline to stick with a long-term strategy.

Navigating the Fog of Investing is an eye-opening look into the murky world of investing. It’s one of the most compelling and enlightening documentaries I have seen since Super Size Me. I give it four stars, thumbs up, and a golden ticket… a must see for every investor who ever thought there was more to the story.

Who should see this movie? Anyone who is either already investing or who plans to invest in the future will get valuable insights and direction for what to do and what to avoid.

What is the biggest reason to see this movie? To find out if you are doing the right things or if you are being exploited by the investment industry.

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